Deciding on a Dry Erase Board for Kids


The ideal type of whiteboard or dry erase board for you will depend on where you’ll use it and the kind of usage you’re intending for it. Various dry erase boards can offer a wide array of features so it would be better to first determine your needs before settling on a particular board; this makes deciding a whole lot easier. Let’s say that you’re in search for the best type of dry erase boards for kids in the classroom then you may want to steer clear from the typical whiteboards we hang on refrigerators.

What is the Purpose of the White Erase Board?

Dry erase board for kids , the ones on the wall, should be heavy duty whiteboards durable enough to be hung from the wall. The type of dry erase boards that stick to refrigerators with the aid of some magnets would work great in a home setup. Portable dry erase boards are also available; they’re incredibly useful for presentations in the office, just don’t forget to purchase a stand.

Look Into the Ideal Surface Type of the Dry Erase Board

Dry erase boards are often made from glass, painted steel or aluminum, laminate, porcelain and melamine. Surfaces containing melamine and painted steel are prone to scratches but any ink markings come off just as easily. But dry erase boards with porcelain, laminate and glass surfaces are durables against stains and scratches. Varying surfaces come with their own price sets and a couple even offer lifetime warranties; dry erase boards with melamine surfaces are the common and most affordable options. Check here!

Accessories that Come with the Dry Erase Board

Take into account some items that you prefer to use with the dry erase board, because the choice of accessories may likely change the surface type that you initially wanted. Markers and erasers are a given but invest in a great cleaning solution to reduce the overall stains on the dry erase boards. Some dry erase boards are magnetic, hence allowing you to use magnetic strips or icons to organize and illustrate whatever it is you added on the dry erase board. Read more facts about planner at

How Much Space is Needed for the Dry Erase Board You Had in Mind?

Properly measure the area where you want to hang the dry erase board and measure the total size or space that it will need. As you may have already noticed, dry erase boards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so there’s a good chance that you won’t have trouble finding a dry erase board to perfectly fit on the space. For those looking for handy portable dry erase board, the main accessory to think about would be a quality stand. Take into account where exactly you plan to use the dry erase board and ensure that the stand can actually move around the area without issue; avoid bulky stands.


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